UnaVista change to CFI code validation rule – EMIR

On 9th Sept, 2023 UnaVista will implement changes to CFI code validation rule.

The impacted field is Instrument Classification – CFI Code.

From 9th Sept, 2023 UnaVista will verify that a valid CFI code is being reported under EMIR. The CFI code reported should be valid as per the ISO 10962 standard, CFI Code current list maintained by SIX.

As per UnaVista’s notification: Submissions that fail the validation will get the message ‘Instrument Classification must be a valid CFI if Instrument Classification Type specifies C’.

Additional Details

  • The validation checks all six letters of the CFI code to ensure that it is a valid code. Hence codes such as FFXXXX or JFXXXX will no longer be accepted.
  • Not all CFI codes from the list previously published in 2015 are valid as per the current list. Example codes such as SRACSC & HFRAVC which were valid previously are no longer valid.
  • CFI Code list (maintained by SIX) can be accessed via their website here.

We would encourage all clients of UnaVista to perform tests on their UAT environment.


UAT Start: 30th June 2023
UAT End: 25th August 2023
Production Release Date: 9th September 2023

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@emirreporting.eu or go to UnaVista Customer Portal.