LSEG Post Trade launched EU EMIR UAT

On 31 October 2023 LSEG Post Trade launched EU EMIR UAT Phase I. The release focuses on file submission and validation rules, allowing clients to validate the accuracy and correctness of the EMIR reports.

The scope of the release comprises:

  • User Interface – file load summary showing the status of the files loaded. All Exceptions folder showing all rejected reports alongside the rejection reason and the “All Valid Transaction” folder showing all records accepted by EU EMIR Trade Repository.
  • Validation Rules – technical validation confirming the compliance with ISO20022 XML. Business Rules validating that the various interdependencies between the fields have been considered. Logical validation confirming that the lifecycle sequence is permitted.

On 18 December 2023 EU EMIR UAT Phase II will be released. The release will focus on the validation response files and remediation of client identified defects.

Validation Response – ISO20022 XML response message confirming the acceptance or rejection of your EMIR reports.

On 31st January 2023 Phase III release will be launched. It will include any deferred functionality.

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