No UPI in ANNA DSB for a certain CFI code?

For cleared transactions executed on non-EEA venues, you might not be able to find any UPIs in ANNA DSB database by searching certain CFI codes. The reason is that ANNA DSB will not issue any UPI for listed products.

The lack of UPI if the venue of execution is outside the EEA (i.e., the venue of execution is not in the list of regulated markets, MTFs or OTFs) was a reason for a rejection.

Two days before the EMIR Refit go-live date the trade repositories have relaxed the rules for using UPIs.

You may populate only field Underlying identification (with tag <UndrlygInstrm> <ISIN>) and your record will be approved without UPI.

If there is UPI with the relevant CFI code in ANNA DSB, always make sure you use it.

Always make sure that the CFI code you are using is the correct one.