EMIR Reporting Solutions

EMIR Reporting Solutions:

  • Consultancy services including assistance in developing in-house EMIR reporting, oversight of EMIR reporting;
  • Turnkey EMIR reporting with DataMax EMIR reporting hub: MT4; MT5; Saxo Bank.
  • EMIR REFIT consultancy and implementation. EMIR REFIT goes live on 29 April 2024.

There are 3 main steps to provide you with cost-effective and customized EMIR reporting solutions.

Step 1

Gathering initial information about your current IT infrastructure and resources:

  • the software/platforms currently in use;
  • the financial instruments that are offered;
  • the approximate number of transactions that should be reported per day (on the basis of historical data and projections);
  • the number of your partners and their status;
  • the portion of the transactions that are kept in-house and that are forwarded to your partners.

NOTE: You do not need to disclose the names of your partners. For our free-of-charge EMIR analysis we need only an overview of your current IT infrastructure. A registration form with a questionnaire will be sent to you if you fill in the contact form at the right side of the page.

Step 2

Providing you with free-of-charge customized analysis with all possible cost-effective solutions for your EMIR reporting. On the basis of the information gathered above we provide you with a written document reviewing your EMIR reporting situation and outlining the best and most cost-effective solutions for your organization in the context of:

  • Your current IT infrastructure – the extend of the manual processes and automated processes that need to be established, i.e. whether additional free of charge software can be used or other technical solutions;
  • The number of the transactions that should be reported and through which channel;
  • Which of the TRs fee structure is the most cost effective one in the context of the number of reportable transactions;
  • Whether your company can benefit by delegating the EMIR reporting to a third party;
  • What would be your projected costs for EMIR reporting.

At this stage we actively discuss with you the possible options and solutions also in the context of the human resources that your organization can allocate for EMIR reporting.

Step 3

Implementation. After you choose the best possible solution for your organization our team will assist you with the implementation covering all aspects of the process so that you go live for EMIR reporting:

  • Proposal for a workflow within your organization;
  • Proposal for a workflow with your partners regarding any data that needs to be verified or corrected;
  • Installation and settings of any additional software solutions that will automate the processes;
  • Providing you with the onboarding documentation;
  • Testing;
  • Training of your employees;
  • Any further assistance and help that might be needed for example if switching between trade repositories.

Our services are flexible and tailored to your needs, resources and budget. You are free to choose the extend to which EMIR Reporting Ready can assist you in the process.

In all cases the process starts with Step 1 – information about the IT infrastructure. Please fill in you details and submit the form at the right side of the page or call us at +44 845 5949321 or email us at office@emirreporting.eu.